Have you visited The Study Room?

Two of EBHO’s organizational values are storytelling for change and building and sharing knowledge. For years, we did this through the launch of our annual Affordable Housing Guidebook.

Last year, as we began to adapt to organizing in a new, social-distanced world, we took our educational resources online and launched The Study Room. The Study Room has been updated and expanded for 2022.

In The Study Room, you will find in-depth articles on the past, present, and future of affordable housing organizing in the East Bay.

You can learn about the history of housing in the Bay Area, including the shameful history of redlining and how it contributes to our housing inequality today. Read interviews with resident leaders of affordable housing and learn what inspired them to become advocates. See examples of what affordable housing looks like in the Bay Area today. And perhaps most importantly, learn how to launch your own advocacy campaigns to join the fight for a better world. 

The Study Nooks

We chose to name our educational resources The Study Room, because we wanted to emulate the feeling you get when curled up with a good book in a beautiful library or book store.

The Study Room contains A LOT of information, so we’ve divided it up into cozy “nooks” where you can dive deep into a single topic area. Click on one of the buttons below to explore a one of our Study Nooks!

The Study Room is a labor of love. It’s our attempt to catalog 38 years of lessons learned since EBHO’s founding in 1984 and share them with you to help with your own advocacy.

The Study Room also a living, breathing document, and we welcome your feedback. Do you have resources that you’d like to see featured in The Study Room? Email sasha@ebho.org.

Whether you spend 30 minutes exploring this Friday afternoon or bookmark these resources for the future, we hope The Study Room feeds your mind and inspires you to take action.

In Solidarity,
— Sasha Perigo, Strategic Communications Manager