Our Work

EBHO works through organized campaigns focused on a specific policy area or geographic community, and through ongoing committees made up of our members.  Our members shape our campaign strategies and decisions; join us to get involved in a committee.

EBHO Campaigns and Committees

 Annual Affordable Housing Week

Each May we host Affordable Housing Week, part of a region-wide Affordable Housing Month. Our week-long series of educational events, community conversations, discussion panels, ground breakings, tours, and grand openings highlight the housing struggles facing our communities as well as what our members create in order to help solve those struggles. EBHO and our members sponsor events through the East Bay that reach thousands of residents, housing and service providers, advocates, local government staff and elected officials.

Click here for more information, or contact Kiki Poe at kiki@ebho.org.

Statewide Organizing

Decisions at the state level have a profound impact on localities in the East Bay.  EBHO has been deeply involved in efforts to protect, preserve, and produce affordable housing. In 2019, we worked in coalition with partners across the affordable housing and advocacy sectors to win many key affordable housing and renter protection bills in the state assembly as part of the 3P’s Coalition. We have partnered to launch the Residents United Network (RUN) to create a statewide advocacy movement for affordable homes. Click here for more on out statewide organizing efforts.

Concord Committee

Join us in EBHO’s exciting coalition campaign for affordable housing and sustainable development at the Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS) and citywide.  EBHO convenes the Community Coalition for a Sustainable Concord which, in 2012, had a significant victory when the City Council approved a visionary base reuse plan including 25% affordable housing. Our coalition recently supported local residents in forming the first city-wide tenants union, Todos Santos Tenants Union. For more information on Concord organizing, contact Gloria at gloria@ebho.org or call 510-663-3830.

Oakland Committee

EBHO’s Oakland Committee works on affordable housing policy advocacy campaigns and addresses critical issues including increasing funds for affordable housing development and preservation, redevelopment, zoning and land use, specific planning processes, tenants rights, and coalition building. For more information, contact Gloria at gloria@ebho.org or call 510-663-3830 for more information.

East Bay Regional Policy Committee

The Regional Policy Committee focuses on regional issues including housing elements, the implementation of Plan Bay Area, and the intersection of housing and transportation. For more information or to get involved, contact Jeff Levin at jeff@ebho.org or 510-663-3830 ext. 316.

Berkeley Committee

EBHO’s Berkeley committee focuses on city-level policies and funding to shape development, preserve low-income housing, and protect tenants in Berkeley. Currently, the committee is working to shape affordable housing at the North Berkeley BART development, the Adeline corridor Project, and the disbursement of funds from past Affordable Housing Measures. To learn more about this committee or to get involved, please contact Sophia Dewitt at sophia@ebho.org.

Interfaith Communities United for Affordable Housing (ICU)

EBHO’s ICU program develops and maintains collaborative relationships with leading Bay Area interfaith and inter-religious organizations.  ICU also organizes an interfaith breakfast in the Fall and Housing Sabbath during Affordable Housing Week. To get involved, please contact Sophia at sophia@ebho.org or 510-663-3830 ext. 313.

Resident & Community Organizing Program Committee (RCOP)

EBHO’s Resident Organizing Program in Oakland and throughout the East Bay seeks to empower affordable housing residents to be affordable housing advocates alongside members and allies, and to engage them in EBHO’s campaigns and programs. RCOP Committee runs transformative leadership trainings and engages affordable housing residents in the policy and neighborhood decisions that affect them directly. If you are a resident of an Affordable Housing community who wants to get involved, please contact Dolores Tejada at dolores@ebho.org.

EBHO Members at our 2018 Membership Celebration

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