Concord Campaign

EBHO has joined community partners in the City of Concord to advocate for affordable housing and tenant rights in Contra Costa County’s largest city. Our concord committee provides education, technical assistance, and advocacy on affordable housing.

As part the Raise the Roof Coalition, we advocate for strong expanded tenant protections and legal services in Concord and Contra Costa County as part of their Housing Elements and use of Measure X funds. Working with our partners in Concord, we have been a key stakeholder in the development of the Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS) for over a decade. In this process we have consistently pushed for 25% of the project’s almost 13,000 units to be affordable and sought to guarantee development near the North Concord Bart Station as soon as possible. For more information on our Concord work, please contact Policy Manager Aaron Tiedemann at

Recent Impacts of our Concord work:

  • Encouraged the Concord City Council to rethink the term sheet proposed by Concord First Partners to ensure affordable units and TOD development
  • Provided proactive policy suggestions for inclusion in Concord’s 6th Cycle Housing Element
  • Coverage of our work advocating that publicly owned land at Concord’s Galindo Street Parcel be used for the public good of affordable housing; Gloria Bruce with SF Business Times. Fight brews in East Bay suburb over site for 300 homes.