Mission, Vision, & Values

We’re working together to ensure everyone in our East Bay community has a safe, affordable, connected place to come home to at the end of the day.

Our Mission

EBHO is a member-driven organization working to preserve, protect, and create affordable housing opportunities for low-income communities in the East Bay by educating, advocating, organizing, and building coalitions.

Read EBHO’s visionary 2017-2022 Strategic Plan

Our Vision

EBHO envisions an economically and racially just world where housing is a human right; everyone, particularly low-income people and people of color, have access to a range of affordable, healthy, and stable homes and live in diverse and culturally rich neighborhoods of their choice; and  where everyone has an equal part in shaping the future of their communities.

Our Values


Housing for People First

We believe that housing is a human right. We believe that housing’s role
as a home must be prioritized above its role in creating short-term profit.

Housing Justice = Social, Racial, and Economic Justice

Housing justice requires racial and economic justice; and affordable housing is also crucial
to achieve racial and economic justice. By creating affordable housing opportunities,
we address historically discriminatory, unfair, and racist policies and practices. We
focus on housing equity as one crucial part of a healthy and sustainable life and community.

Collaboration and Coalition Building

Our work is carried out through partnerships, and we start our advocacy from a position
of collaboration. We are at table with a diverse range
of decision-makers -in  part to
advocate for and with those who cannot or will not be at the table. We build coalitions
because different skills, roles, and perspectives bring greater strength and impact.

Building and Sharing Knowledge

All of our members bring invaluable expertise through their lived experiences,
technical knowledge, or both. We share this knowledge, demystify affordable
housing, and bring facts and proven solutions into discussions about housing.

Community Empowerment and Leadership

The needs, voices, and aspirations of those most impacted by the housing crisis play
a key role in shaping EBHO’s work. We strive to elevate the leadership of low-
income and underrepresented people
in EBHO and in development processes.

Story-telling and Changing the Narrative

We believe in the transformative power of storytelling for social change.
We help people dispel myths, challenge
stereotypes, and understand
our shared narrative while learning how to tell their own story.