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Together, we can build the communities we long to live in.

In the communities we’re building, all our neighbors are housed in safe, affordable, stable housing; the sidewalks our neighbors walk and roll down connect people across differences in age, race, and occupation. The bus, boat, or train comes on time and takes us there and back with ease, children joke around safely on the street as they head out to the quality neighborhood public school, and our elders grow old with connection, care, and dignity, not on the street. This is one vision of the community we are building together. What do you long for?

As a member, you join in the project of making these communities a reality through advocacy, coalition, and community collaboration.

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Who are our members?

East Bay Housing Organizations’ membership is made up of 400+ members in the East Bay.

Think of our membership as a consortium of East Bay residents dedicated to affordable housing — nonprofit developers, local governments, tenants unions, homeless advocacy organizations, and dozens of individuals who want more affordable housing in their community.

Anyone who shares our values is encouraged to join us. Let’s work together to build a better East Bay!

Why join EBHO?

We believe that in order to build a better world, everyone needs a seat at the table. That’s why EBHO relies on your input and expertise to plan and prioritize our advocacy campaigns.

As a member, you will: