Tenant Protections are Back at the Alameda County Board

A group of thirty renters and allies stands in a sunny parking lot holding banners that say "Protect our families now!"

No matter where in the County we live, we all deserve a safe and secure home.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for the 60,000 renters living in Alameda County’s unincorporated Eden Area, who have no local tenant protections.

On December 20, our partners at My Eden Voice scored a major victory! The Alameda County Board of Supervisors passed “phase one” of tenant protections for the unincorporated areas, including a fair chance ordinance, just cause for eviction protections, and a rental registry.

Ordinances must pass a first and second vote to be signed into law, so we must win one more vote this coming Tuesday, January 24.

Alameda County residents, please join us in writing a letter to the Board of Supervisors today!