Powerful Image Created From Imagining Our Future

image of white background with words and pictures: Imagining the Future We What will the East Bay be like when we win?

On July 17th, EBHO members and supporters participated in a collective reflection exercise with the purpose of imagining what the East Bay could be like when we win housing justice. To win housing justice will require ending inequality, and building the future we need.

Why do this dreaming? Because in order to win it, we need to be able to imagine it, and articulate that vision to others. It can be a powerful tool for organizing our communities and implementing changes needed to make our hopes real.

A graphic note taker, Kate Meade, joined us and created this visual rendering of what participants offered as their vision of the future when we win:

EBHO Member Joan Miro offered a drawing that she created after she participated in the imagining prompt, pictured here:

Homes for the Homeless_RAW, 3/16/17, 2:46 PM, 16C, 7924×9417 (1633+2284), 133%, Custom, 1/30 s, R13.4, G5.0, B23.0

If you would like to do the imagination practice yourself or with a group, we share an audio recording of the practice here and on our YouTube Site.

We welcome participants to share their vision of a future where we have affordable homes for all, rooted in community, connected to each other, living safely together in the East Bay. Email your drawing, writing, or video reflection to grover@ebho.org to have your work included in our social media and website collection of the futures we imagine together.