Read Gloria’s Concord Clayton Op-Ed

Gloria Bruce, Executive Director at East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO), penned a guest editorial this week on the details that must be considered for affordable homes to be successful at the Concord Naval Weapons Station. In April, the City Council will make key decisions about the direction and investment required for this process to successfully create the affordable homes that are required.

“Concord First, the City’s chosen master developer, has signed up for a big challenge. Our member organizations build affordable homes with the same materials, quality finishes, and skilled union labor as more expensive homes, but we use specialized processes and funding to ensure affordability while contributing to overall economic growth.

As mission-driven housing providers, we want the community to understand the process and ensure that the full benefit of this opportunity is realized. So, we are writing today to share with you a bit about what we know from decades of regional experience, including 15 years of advocating and advising on the Base Reuse Project.”

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