Breaking Bread, Branching Out Community Activity

On behalf of EBHO Staff and our Faith & Justice Committee, thank you to everyone who attended our annual Faith & Justice Breakfast last Wednesday!

In line with the theme of this year’s Breakfast, Breaking Bread, Branching Out, we led a small-group activity designed to highlight the diversity of backgrounds, ideas, and resources across the EBHO community.

As the focus of each prompt broadens moving down the list, participants are invited to explore their roots and support systems, their place in the broader community, and the common ground we all share.

The worksheet for this activity is available to download now for personal use or use at your future events. If you feel so inclined, please share your responses with us at

Where do we come from?

Guest speakers Kevin Alan Mann and Rev. Jeremy McCants discuss the group activity.
Guest speakers Kevin Alan Mann and Rev. Jeremy McCants discuss at their table.

It was amazing to see the breadth of our community’s roots—with folks originating from big cities to rural towns, from Cuba, Lithuania, Ghana, and the Land of 7,107 Islands (just to name a few); growing up in poverty, privilege, and everywhere in between; and family histories of power, love, dysfunction, addiction, resiliency, and “it’s complicated.” 

And just look at some of the skills and strengths that we possess! We are creative, compassionate, analytical, multilingual, patient, and wise; with expertise in advocacy, construction, policy, parenting, business, healthcare, and education.

This is proof that our community is made up of fantastic individuals, and we are even stronger together. Let us continue in the spirit of this year’s Breakfast to lengthen and strengthen connections to one another and celebrate the common goals we all share as advocates for housing justice. 

We invite you to continue this work by joining EBHO’s Faith & Justice Committee. Let’s turn these skills into action!