Building Strong Communities


How does Affordable Housing Build Strong Communities?



Residents of a Habitat for Humanity home in Oakland

 Affordable Housing…

Fulfills the basic human right and need for a home.

A safe, affordable and quality place to live is the foundation for health, security, economic opportunity, and building a future.

Creates diverse and welcoming communities.  

When cities and towns have housing that accommodates people at all income levels, abilities, and backgrounds, they are ensuring that different generations, races, ethnicities, family types and economic status can live near each other, contributing to

Provides a place for those who are most vulnerable.

Seniors who want to age in place in safe and dignified surroundings, people with disabilities who benefit from well-designed homes, veterans returning from service and former foster youth entering adult independence – these are just some of the people who can find stability through affordable housing.

Helps the Bay Area grow sustainably.

Much of today’s affordable housing is built near transit, jobs, and amenities and with the latest in “green” materials and design. When we build near people’s workplaces and near infrastructure, we’re cutting down commutes and pollution, and promoting vitality in existing communities rather than encouraging sprawl that uses up open space.

Gives children and youth a foundation for success.

Kids do best in school and life when they have a stable home where they can do their homework, spend time with family, and feel secure.

Promotes personal and public health.

Health begins at home.  A stable, affordable home allows individuals and families to cook healthy food, get sound sleep, recover from illness, and avoid the stress of struggling to making ends meet.  Free of environmental hazards like lead and mold, built with eco-friendly materials, often located near transit and parks, and enhanced with health and family services, today’s affordable housing ensures that home is a place to rest and thrive.