A Letter from Aziza on Juneteenth

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Dear EBHO Community,

As we come together to celebrate the liberation, equity, and freedom that Juneteenth brings for the Black community, we also pay homage and honor the ancestors who gave their lives and sacrificed to get us to this point today.

We celebrate the victory and freedom of a people this country’s foundations were built upon. This is not only a time for healing and unity, but also a time to acknowledge and appreciate the progress, influences, and culture that the Black community has contributed to within the East Bay and around the world! 

While there is much to celebrate, the fight for Black liberation is far for over. Black people account for only 13% of the U.S. population, but 40% of people experiencing homelessness are Black. In the Bay Area, Black renters were twice as likely to be evicted during the pandemic than white renters. We center our work around housing justice for all, but this can only be achieved when we confront this country’s history of slavery and the ongoing systemic anti-Black racism affecting housing today.

We ask all allies to stand in solidarity with the Black community and collectively take action to amplify their voices, share their lived experiences, and fight the injustices that persist in the present day. This Juneteenth and every day hereafter, we encourage you all to dream like Martin, fight like Malcolm, write like Maya, and lead like Harriet!

There are many ways for people of all backgrounds to partake in thoughtfully celebrating Juneteenth. Check out our Juneteenth blog post for upcoming events, readings, and resources.

In community, 
— Aziza Crowder, Membership & Operations Manager