Dolores Tejada


Dolores Tejada is a community organizer who uses a disability justice
and intersectionality framework to work towards collective liberation.
Dolores was born and raised in the Bay Area from immigrant parents,
and began organizing in high school around equitable education. They
attended Dominican University and majored in Political Science. After
college, she developed a youth organizing program at an independent
living center, which successfully advocated for the preservation of funding for adult education, increased access on the new BART train cars, and developing and implementing a more diverse and inclusive high school curriculum. They ran a successful Get-Out-The-Vote campaign in 2016 that increased voter turnout. In 2017, they were a featured speaker at the Oakland Women’s March. She is currently the Accessibility Coordinator for the San Francisco Dyke March and a member of the Nolose Board of Directors. Dolores believes in the power of community to achieve equity, which is what drives her to organize. She has seen the shift in housing in the Bay Area throughout her lifetime, and it motivates her to build people power to achieve just housing for all. She identifies as and holds the following identities: fat, disabled, queer, femme, and brown; and uses she/her/they/them pronouns.

Contact Dolores at:

(510) 663-3830 ext. 311