URGENT: Protect the Surplus Land Act!

Photograph of the California State Capitol Building

We need all hands on deck to mobilize against SB 747, a dangerous bill that would undermine the Surplus Land Act.

The Surplus Land Act (SLA) is an important piece of California law which ensures that public land is offered to affordable housing developers first, ensuring our public land is prioritized for public good. Over the past few years, EBHO has been a leader on strengthening and expanding the SLA. SB 747 completely undercuts the SLA by adding so many exemptions and exclusions that the law would be rendered meaningless. 

Help us halt this bill in its tracks! Please download the opposition letter and follow the instructions below to submit it to the legislature’s Position Letter Portal by tomorrow, April 19.

How to Submit Your Letter

Please download the opposition letter above and take a minute to personalize it. After this, you’re going to save the letter as a PDF and submit it using the State Legislature’s Position Letter Portal.

If you have not used the portal before, you need to create an account. Be sure to note whether you are registering on behalf of an organization or an individual.

Once you have registered, select “Submit a Letter.” Input the bill number you wish to take position on, and select if you are submitting on behalf of an organization or “Yourself”.

Screenshot of the California Legislature Position Letter Portal showing fields for bill number and session.

The screen will indicate which committee(s) and legislative staff person(s) will be notified, and the system automatically selects the appropriate receivers, so you DO NOT need to click anything further at this step.

Lastly, indicate that you OPPOSE the bill, and then attach a PDF of your letter of opposition. Thank you for taking action!