Changing the Equation – Residents United Network (RUN)

Image from the East Bay chapters of Residents United Network 2020 “There Ought to Be A Law” session.

The Residents United Network(RUN) brings together people who live in or need affordable housing and who believe every Californian deserves a safe and stable place to call home. RUN leaders draw on their life experiences to pass state laws for housing justice for themselves, their neighbors, and generations to come.

We are a powerful movement of people who have been affected by the housing crisis in California. With Housing California, we change state housing policy through grassroots organizing in seven regions of the state.

Everyone says they want to fix California’s housing crisis. But most of the time, the people making laws about housing in California are homeowners, not people who have struggled to afford a place to live. RUN changes that equation, connecting people who live in affordable housing and people who have experienced homelessness with each other to advocate for better state housing laws.

RUN is active in the Bay Area through our partnership with EBHO, and Bay Area RUN leaders have taken powerful action to make sure their state representatives vote for affordable housing. To join in, reach out to Damion, Dolores, or another EBHO organizer!

By Tori Truscheit, Organizing Director, Housing California