Housing Wins in 2016!


Residents of the East Bay said loud and clear that we care about our neighbors, and that together we can take action through local government.  Voters said YES to seven of the eight local measures endorsed by EBHO, which will become law once the vote is certified.

Early vote counts show that investing in affordable homes is a top priority for Bay Area voters! In fact, all of the local measures that EBHO endorsed (except one) did extremely well, especially Measure’s JJ and KK.

We are honored to stand together with hundreds of people who will not rest until everyone – regardless of their color, race, national origin, gender identity, religion, ability, age, history of incarceration – has a safe, affordable, dignified place to call home in this country of ours. Here at EBHO we take heart and strength from the amazing community of EBHO’s members and partners who share an inclusive vision of housing justice.

EBHO Endorsed Affordable Housing Measure Election Results
Alameda County
Alameda County Measure A1 ($580 million for affordable housing) – 72.32% yes

Oakland Measure II (lengthening lease on city land) – 52% yes
Oakland Measure JJ (Strengthen renter protections) – 74% yes
Oakland Measure KK (Infrastructure bond with $100M for housing) – 82% yes (required 2/3 vote)
Berkeley Measure AA (protections against owner move-in evictions) – 72% yes
Berkeley Measure U1 (business tax on landlords to fund affordable housing) – 74% yes, and its opposing measure, DD, only got 29% of the vote
Richmond Measure L (just cause and rent stabilization) – 64% yes
 City of Alameda
City of Alameda Measure M1: Charter Amendment to Establish Rent Control, a Rent Control Board and Regulate Termination of Tenancies (Did not pass with only 33.55 % of the votes)

Thank you! Your advocacy, testimonies, donations, commitment, phone calls,
and EBHO membership came through on Election night.
Together, we are leading the housing justice movement in the East Bay. Now, even as we face a chaotic and unclear future nationally, we will step up again locally – for housing, hope, and justice for all.