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Each day, there are opportunities to advocate for increased funds for affordable homes, stronger tenant protections that help people stay housed, and resources for people who are living unhoused. Your elected officials need to hear from you – it really does inform how they make decisions, especially when they hear from many of us at once, or when they understand your personal hardship or experience and how their decisions could improve the situation.

Your city and county-level decision-makers meet regularly to vote on key decisions that impact your community. You can advocate for housing justice through an email or telephone call to your representative or by calling in to comment during the public comment period during the City Council or Board of Supervisors meeting. Find your local city and county representative’s contact information below.

Contact Your Elected Officials:

Below is a list of elected officials in the East Bay organized by county and city elected body. Click the + sign next to the city or county to view the contact for your representative.

Alameda County | Contra Costa County |

City of Alameda l Antioch | Berkeley | Concord l Danville l El Cerrito l Freemont l Hayward l Livermore l Newark Oakland l Piedmont l Pittsburg l Pleasanton l Richmond l San Ramon l Walnut Creek

Find their State Assembly and Senate representatives: https://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

Alameda County: Alameda County Board of Supervisors

D1- David Haubert – david.haubert@acgov.org (510) 272-6691 (Dublin, Livermore, most of Fremont; part of Sunol, most of  Livermore-Amador Valley area)
D2- Richard Valle – richard.valle@acgov.org – 510-272-6692 (Hayward, Newark, Union City, northern part of Fremont, part of Sunol)
D3- Wilma Chan – wilma.chan@acgov.org – 510-272-6693 (Alameda, San Leandro; part of Oakland – including Chinatown, San Antonio, Fruitvale and Melrose areas; San Lorenzo and Hayward Acres,  Ashland)
D4- Nate Miley – nate.miley@acgov.org – 510-272-6694
(Pleasanton, Castlewood and Happy Valley, part of Oakland  – Lower Hills, South Hills and Elmhurst; Castro Valley, Cherryland, and Fairview; and most of Ashland)
D5 – Keith Carson – keith.carson@acgov.org – 510-272-6695 (Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, Piedmont, part of Oakland – West Oakland, North Oakland, and the North Hills

Contra Costa County Elected Officials

Supervisor Karen Mitchoff: (Concord, Pleasant Hill, Clayton, Walnut Creek)
Phone: (925)-521-7100 | Email: supervisormitchoff@bos.cccounty.us | Twitter: @KMitchoff

Supervisor Federal Glover: (Pinole, Rodeo, Hercules, Martinez, Bay Point, Pittsburg) Phone: 925-608-4200 | Email: federal.glover@bos.cccounty.us| Twitter: @federaldglover

Supervisor Diane Burgis: (Antioch, Oakley, Brentwood)

Phone: 925-252-4500 | Email: supervisor_burgis@bos.cccounty.us

Supervisor Candace Andersen: (Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon) Phone: 925-957-8860 | Email: supervisorandersen@bos.cccounty.us | Twitter: @AndersenCandace

Supervisor John Gioia: (Richmond, San Pablo, El Cerrito, Pinole, Bayview, East Richmond Heights, El Sobrante, Kensington, Montalvin Manor, Tara Hills, North Richmond, Rollingwood) Phone: 510-231-8686 | Email: john.gioia@bos.cccounty.us | Twitter: @supejohngioia

City of Alameda

Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft email: mezzyashcraft@alamedaca.gov, 510-747-4701

Vice Mayor Malia Vella email: mvella@alamedaca.gov, 510-747-4726

Councilmember Tony Daysog Email: tdaysog@alamedaca.gov, 510-747-4722

Councilmember Trish Herrera Spencer Email: tspencer@alamedaca.gov, 510-747-4728

Councilmember John Knox White Email: jknoxwhite@alamedaca.gov, 510-747-4721


Mayor Lamar Thorpe lthorpe@ci.antioch.ca.us (925) 978-4663

Mayor Pro Tem, District 4 Monica E. Wilson mwilson@ci.antioch.ca.us, (925) 628-0749

Councilmember District 1 Tamisha Torres-Walker twalker@antiochca.gov, (925) 206-2340

Councilmember District 2 Michael Barbanica mbarbanica@antiochca.gov,  (925) 775-9039 

Councilmember District 3 Lori Ogorchock logorchock@ci.antioch.ca.us,  (925) 628-7764


Mayor Jesse Arreguin (510) 981-7100; mayor@CityofBerkeley.info

Councilmember  Rashi Kesarwani, District 1; (510) 981-7110; rkesarwani@CityofBerkeley.info

Councilmember Terry Taplin, District 2; (510) 981-7120;  ttaplin@CityofBerkeley.info

Councilmember Ben Bartlett, District 3; (510) 981-7130; bbartlett@CityofBerkeley.info

Councilmember Kate Harrison, District 4; (510) 981-7140; kharrison@CityofBerkeley.info

Councilmember Sophie Hahn, District 5; (510) 981-7150;  shahn@CityofBerkeley.info

Councilmember Susan Wengraf, District 6; (510) 981-7160; swengraf@CityofBerkeley.info

Councilmember Rigel Robinson, District 7; (510) 981-7170; rrobinson@CityofBerkeley.info

Councilmember Lori Droste, District 8; (510) 981-7180; ldroste@CityofBerkeley.info


Tim McGallian – tim.mcgallian@cityofconcord.org

Carlyn Obringer – carlyn.obringer@cityofconcord.org

Laura Hoffmeister – laura.hoffmeister@cityofconcord.org

Dominic Aliano – dominic.aliano@cityofconcord.org

Edi Birsan – edi.birsan@cityofconcord.org


Mayor Renee Morgan  925-918-3999 rmorgan@danville.ca.gov

Vice Mayor Newell Arnerich 510-366-0716 narnerich@danville.ca.gov

Council member Robert Storer 510-343-4415 rstorer@danville.ca.gov

Council member Karen Stepper 925-314-3378 kstepper@danville.ca.gov

Council member Dave Fong 925-963-3637 dfong@danville.ca.gov

El Cerrito

Mayor Paul Fadelli pfadelli@ci.el-cerrito.ca.us

Mayor Pro Tem Gabriel Quinto gquinto@ci.el-cerrito.ca.us

Councilmember Janet Abelson jabelson@ci.el-cerrito.ca.us

Councilmember Lisa Motoyama lmotoyama@ci.el-cerrito.ca.us

Councilmember Tessa Rudnick trudnick@ci.el-cerrito.ca.us

General phone # (510) 215-4305


Mayor Lily Mei 510-284-4011 lmei@fremont.gov

Vice Mayor Shao 510-284-4019 yshao@fremont.gov

Councilmember Teresa Keng 510-284-4012 tkeng@fremont.gov

Councilmember Rick Jones 510-284-4083 councilmemberjones@fremont.gov

Councilmember Jenny Kassan 510-284-4018 jkassan@fremont.gov

Councilmember Raj Salwan 510-284-4082 rsalwan@fremont.gov

Councilmember Teresa Cox 510-284-4007 tcox@fremont.gov


Mayor Barbara Halliday: Email: Barbara.Halliday@hayward-ca.gov

Phone: (510) 583-4340 

Councilmember Aisha Wahab: Email: aisha.wahab@hayward-ca.gov

Phone: (510) 583-4356

Councilmember Angela Andrews: Email: Angela.Andrews@hayward-ca.gov

Phone: (510) 583-4353 

Councilmember Sara Lamnin Email: Sara.Lamnin@hayward-ca.gov

Phone: (510) 583-4358 

Councilmember Elisa Márquez Email: Elisa.Marquez@hayward-ca.gov

Phone: (510) 583-4357 

Councilmember Mark Salinas Email: Mark.Salinas@hayward-ca.gov

Phone: (510) 583-4355 

Councilmember Francisco Zermeño Email: Francisco.Zermeno@hayward-ca.gov

Phone: (510) 583-4352 


Bob Woerner, Mayor (925) 960-4020 mayorwoerner@cityoflivermore.net

Trish Munro, Vice mayor (925) 960-4016 pkmunro@cityoflivermore.net

Councilmember Gina Bonanno (925) 960-4013 rebonanno@cityoflivermore.net

Councilmember Bob Carling District 4 (925) 960-4018 rwcarling@cityoflivermore.net

Councilmember Brittni Kiick District 3 (925) 960-4019 bkiick@cityoflivermore.net


Mayor Alan L. Nagy alan.nagy@newark.org(510) 578-4914

Vice Mayor Mike Bucci mike.bucci@newark.org

Councilmember Luis L. Freitas luis.freitas@newark.org (510) 578-4915

Councilmember Maria “Sucy” Collazo sucy.collazo@newark.org (510) 578-4913 

Councilmember Michael Hannon michael.hannon@newark.org (510) 578-4942


The Oaklandside has compiled information on how to contact your local city council members and how to watch and participate in public meetings.

All Oakland residents are represented by the At-Large councilmember, Rebecca Kaplan. To find out which other councilmember represents you based on where you live, use this Council District Lookup tool.

At-Large (representing all Oakland residents): Rebecca Kaplan: rkaplan@oaklandca.gov

District 1: Dan Kalb:  dkalb@oaklandca.gov

District 2: Nikki Fortunado Bas (Council President): nfbas@oaklandca.gov

District 3: Carol Fife: cfife@oaklandca.gov

District 4: Sheng Thao: sthao@oaklandca.gov

District 5: Noel Gallo: Ngallo@oaklandca.gov

District 6: Loren Taylor: LTaylor@oaklandca.gov

District 7: Treva Reid: TReid@oaklandca.gov


Mayor Teddy Gray King tking@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 420-3048

Vice Mayor Tim Roodtrood@piedmont.ca.gov (510) 239-7663

Councilmember Jen Cavenaugh jcavenaugh@piedmont.ca.gov

(415) 215-6933

Councilmember Betsy Smegal Andersen bandersen@piedmont.ca.gov

(510) 420-3048

Councilmember Conna McCarthy cmccarthy@piedmont.ca.gov


Mayor Merl Craft 

Vice Mayor Holland Barrett White

Councilmember Shanelle Scales-Preston

Councilmember Juan Antonio Banales

Councilmember Jelani Killings

citycouncil@ci.pittsburg.ca.us (925) 252-4850


Mayor Karla Brown kbrown@cityofpleasantonca.gov 

Councilmember Valerie Arkin varkin@cityofpleasantonca.gov

Councilmember Jack Balch jbalch@cityofpleasantonca.gov

Councilmember Kathy Narum knarum@cityofpleasantonca.gov

Councilmember Julie Testa  jtesta@cityofpleasantonca.gov

City Council general phone # (925) 931-5001


Mayor Tom Butt 510-620-6503 tom.butt@intres.com

Councilmember Nathaniel Bates 510-620-6743 natbates@comcast.net

Councilmember Claudia Jimenez (District 6) 510-620-6565 Claudia_Jimenez@ci.richmond.ca.us

Councilmember Eduardo Martinez, 510-620-6593 eduardo_martinez@ci.richmond.ca.us

Councilmember Gayle McLaughlin (District 5) 510-620-6636 gayle_mclaughlin@ci.richmond.ca.us

Councilmember Melvin Willis (District 1) 510-412-2050 melvin_willis@ci.richmond.ca.us

San Ramon

Mayor David E. Hudson Cell : (925) 570-0106

Home : (925) 828-5578 dhudson@sanramon.ca.gov

Vice Mayor Scott Perkins  Home: (925) 833-7743


Councilmember  Mark Armstrong Office: (925) 973-2545


Councilmember Sridhar Verose  Office: (925) 973-2548


Councilmember Sabina Zafar Cell Phone: (925) 272-9097 szafar@sanramon.ca.gov

Walnut Creek

Mayor Pro Tem Matt Francois

Councilmember Cindy Darling 

Councilmember Loella Haskew

Councilmember Cindy Silva

Councilmember Kevin Wilk 

City Manager’s Office:  (925) 256-3504.

Email comments to the Mayor at mayor@walnut-creek.org 

If you attend your local city council meetings, it is helpful to find the agenda to know what topics will be covered. In this video, we show you how to find the city council meeting minutes and agenda, using the City of Oakland as an example.

Find State Legislative Bills

In the video below, EBHO’s Policy Director, Jeff Levin, walks us through how to use the state legislative lookup tool to see where proposed bills are, who their sponsors are, and more.

Anti-Eviction Mapping Project:

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project has made a map of tenant protections across the US the wake of COVID-19: https://www.antievictionmap.com/covid . Anyone can add policies and petitions to it and also go back and edit them as things change, so please feel free to add updated information if you have it.

COVID19 Policy & Support:

View our COVID19 Housing Policy page to see what housing policy changes have already been made at the the local, state, and national levels.

Do you need housing, food, help getting medication, or other support as you Shelter in Place? See our list of support available during the COVID19 pandemic or our general affordable housing resources page.

Donate to Support Funds

See our COVID19: Volunteer & Donate page for a full list of organizations you can donate funds and supplies to or sign up to volunteer with. View our COVID19: Volunteer & Donate page.