EBHO Stands with Councilmember Carroll Fife and Cat Brooks

Protect Black women, stop the harassment and sign our letter in solidarity: bit.ly/OPASolidarityBrooksAndFife

East Bay Housing Organizations unequivocally condemns the dangerous, anti-Black, and misogynistic attacks levied at Black women in Oakland leadership, including Councilmember Carroll Fife and community leader Cat Brooks.

We have joined our allies and membership organizations in signing onto the following statement from the Oakland Progressive Alliance. To join us in taking a signing this community letter, please visit bit.ly/OPASolidarityBrooksAndFife:

The Oakland Progressive Alliance (OPA) is a community-labor coalition of over 12 community, labor, housing and youth organizations, representing thousands of Oakland residents and the greater Bay Area.  OPA and our undersigned allies strongly condemn the increasingly dangerous, politically motivated attacks on Black women in leadership, including Councilmember Carroll Fife and community leader, Cat Brooks.  We stand with the Black-led organizations within OPA, Councilmember Fife and Cat Brooks against anti-Blackness and misogyny.  We are calling for an immediate end to rhetoric that is leading to harassment and threats on democratically elected representatives and community leaders.  

In an environment where two mass shootings have taken place days ago, and politically motivated violence is becoming the norm, ongoing attacks targeting Oakland political and community leaders must be stopped.  

We are calling on business leaders, civil rights groups and advocates connected to any of these individuals perpetrating this misleading, politically motivated and increasingly dangerous rhetoric, to join us in publicly condemning these personal attacks.  We ask our community to step up and speak out when we see the scapegoating of Black women and women of color in leadership positions.  These Trump-like, far right style tactics are provoking real time and potentially violent responses and we’re calling on them to stop immediately.