Disparate Impact: EBHO Submits Public Comments to HUD

Today, EBHO’s Program Director, Sophia DeWitt, submitted public comments to the department of Housing and Urban Development asking them to reject their plans to roll back protections within the Fair Housing Act. The department plans to weaken the definition of Disparate Impact, making it very difficult to impossible to hold corporations, landlords, and public agencies accountable for widespread racial discrimination in housing.

Read The Letter to HUD: Disparate Impact Fair Housing

The last day to submit public comments is today, October 18th. You can submit your comment here: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/08/19/2019-17542/huds-implementation-of-the-fair-housing-acts-disparate-impact-standard

To read more about Disparate Impact and the Fair Housing Act, read here.