Critical housing recommendations for a stable future: A Letter to Local Officials

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The COVID-19 pandemic reveals how critical safe, stable, homes are to our communities’ ability to get and stay healthy. We live in interconnected communities, where each person’s wellness depends on everyone else, and we will weather this emergency by uniting behind policies that ensure all people have access to safe and stable housing.

The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated our nation’s existing housing crisis, even while revealing how having a safe, stable, place to live is the foundation of recovery. We need to ensure that no one is homeless or loses their home while the pandemic is raging, but also in what promises to be a long-term recovery from the economic impacts of this global pandemic.

As the elected officials closest to your constituents, you are no doubt being asked to take actions to address their critical housing needs. The Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH), All Home and East Bay Housing Organizations (EBHO) are providing critical local recommendations on immediate actions that you can take that will significantly help your constituents, whether they be tenants, homeowners, “mom and pop” landlords, and affordable housing providers, during this crisis while also ensuring stability and solvency of affordable housing for the foreseeable future.