COVID19 requires us to take care of one another in new and urgent ways.

Image of two women hugging underneath a yellow banner that reads "Together through COVID19"

We know that our families and neighborhoods are stronger, safer and healthier when we join together and demand proven solutions to enable us all to weather a crisis and ensure our wellbeing. 

EBHO staff and members have been working quickly to advocate for eviction moratoriums, increased emergency housing funding for those unable to pay rent or mortgage because of lost income, emergency housing for unhoused people, and funding for operational expenses for nonprofit developers.

This page is a centralized hub for us to share information about quickly changing housing policies in the East Bay, link to an ongoing list of actions YOU can take to advocate for housing protections during the pandemic, and share resources for anyone who finds themselves needing a little extra support, including rental assistance, food resources, and direct help with errands or crisis response via organized mutual-aid networks.

image of a woman wearing a mask holding up a tomato in a supermarket. A banner with the words volunteer & donate covid 19

As we advocate for critical protections during the COVID19 pandemic, we continue our ongoing work to advocate for affordable homes for low-income people in the East Bay through our member-based committees that now meet online.

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