Apply to EBHO’s Leadership Academy

Posted September 21, 2017

To grow a powerful resident and community organizing base to change policies and challenge systems of oppression, EBHO believes that residents who have been historically left out of decision-making processes should be at the forefront.

Together we got it done in Walnut Creek

Posted August 14, 2017

Together, we got it done in Walnut Creek. I remember all of my evenings in Walnut Creek cafes, living rooms, churches, and offices since 2012. That’s when EBHO, Greenbelt Alliance, and several congregations and nonprofits began coming together to promote

EBHO 2016 Year End Report

Posted December 25, 2016

  Investing in Homes and Hope: EBHO’s 2016 Year In Review   A Letter from EBHO Executive Director, Gloria Bruce      “On the morning of November 9th, one of EBHO’s Resident Organizing leaders called me with jubilation in her

Sample Ebho-site Event 2

Posted April 1, 2012

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