Announcing: May is Affordable Housing Month!

EBHO is pleased to announce that May is Affordable Housing Month- a series of educational events to highlight the role affordable housing plays in stabilizing our communities and information on how we can organize for what our communities need to thrive.

Traditionally, Affordable Housing Week is an action-packed week of events. Along with our members, we would host multiple in-person events each day, kicked-off by a big party. Our East Bay Affordable Housing Week was part of a broader Affordable Housing Month, with counties around the region hosting similar Affordable Housing Weeks to raise awareness about affordable housing and bring people together in action. This year, we’ll be gathering online again. We will spread our programming across the month to educate our community about issues central to affordable housing and housing justice.

In 2021, EBHO’s Affordable Housing Week is now Affordable Housing Month. EBHO will curate a handful of educational programs for the month; our programming will focus on key areas of our work for the year, including sharing information on how people can secure community-subsidized affordable housing, ending homelessness, needs of low-income people during and after the pandemic, and racial justice. Click here to read more about how active EBHO members can participate in planning our activities for the month.

Join us in celebrating our annual Affordable Housing Month (formerly Affordable Housing Week) in 2021! We will mourn housing justice advocates who have died in the past year, recognize leaders in affordable housing, and celebrate our work together as we continue to organize and fight for the communities we long to live in.

We’ll have a special performance by musician, Emcee, and producer Kev Choice.