Oakland Campaign

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City Council Candidates Forum in 2008, organized by the Oakland People's Housing Coalition (of which EBHO was a leading member)

EBHO has its roots in Oakland; we were founded as Oakland Housing Organizations and have a long history of advocacy and wins in the East Bay's largest city. EBHO's Oakland Committee addresses critical issues including increasing funds for affordable housing development and preservation, redevelopment, zoning and land use, specific planning processes, tenants rights, and coalition building.

Our current Oakland campaigns include:

  • Working in coalition with EBHO, ACCE, TransForm, Public Advocates, and EBASE on an Oakland Community Investment Areas (OCIA) Campaign, where we are developing a city-wide strategy for consistent stands on affordable housing, anti-displacement, and quality jobs and transit - centered around a potential city-wide housing impact fee.
  • Engaging in planning processes including the Lake Merritt BART Station Area Plan and the Broadway Valdez District Specific Plan.
  • Working to close loopholes in Oakland’s condo conversion ordinance.
  • Developing a proposal for a transit-oriented-development “affordable housing overlay” zone that could help guarantee affordability in certain areas.
  • Working with Oakland residents through our Resident Organizing Program.
  • Coordinating an effort to establish a unique foreclosure intervention pilot program in Oakland.

Our Oakland member committee meets on the 4th Wednesday of each month. To get involved, contact Gloria Bruce at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.