Kendra Ma

Advocacy Associate

Kendra is the Advocacy Associate at East Bay Housing Organizations. Since graduating from University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Community and Regional Development in 2013, she has worked to establish and promote more equitable outcomes for people in the Bay Area, regardless of race, class, and other dimensions of identity.

Kendra brings over four years of experience in government and the nonprofit sector to EBHO, with previous experience in land-use policy and in providing services to youth, families, and seniors living in affordable housing. At EBHO, Kendra is focused on engaging and empowering the community she loves by providing presentations and support around the 2018 state propositions.

The direct experience and knowledge Kendra has gained through her academics, work, and engagement in the community continually inspires her to dream about innovative solutions to improve the role of equitable civic engagement in the urban planning and affordable housing development process. Ultimately, Kendra is still eager to learn what it means to think creatively and lead boldly as a Chinese-American female living in the Bay Area.

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