2018 Affordable Housing Candidate Questionnaires

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EBHO Candidate Questionnaires are published for the benefit of our members and all East Bay voters. Our goal is to create more transparency around critical issues relating to affordable housing creation, protection, and preservation. These questionnaires were generated with input from all EBHO member committees, and includes responses from Oakland Mayoral Candidates, Candidates for A.D. 15, and Oakland City Council Candidates from districts 2, 4, and 6. While questionnaires are published here on EBHO letterhead, this does not reflect our endorsement or support of any candidate. We hope this information will help you make an informed decision at the polls on November 6th!

Click Here to read the EBHO Voter Guide that covers the slate of statewide/local affordable housing measures and opportunities on this year’s ballot!

Oakland Mayoral Candidates*

Cat Brooks Mayoral Responses
Jesse Smith Mayoral Responses
Ken Houston Mayoral Responses
Libby Schaaf Mayoral Responses
Marchon Tatmon Mayoral Responses
Nancy Sidebotham Mayoral Responses
Pamela Price Mayoral Responses
Saied Karamooz Mayoral Responses

* One questionnaire, not listed here, was withheld from publication due to offensive & inappropriate content


Assembly District 15 Candidates

Buffy Wicks AD 15 Responses
Jovanka Beckles AD 15 Responses


Oakland City Council Candidates

D2 Abel Guillen EBHO questionnaire
D2 Nikki F Bas EBHO questionnaire

D4 Charlie Michelson EBHO questionnaire
D4 Matt Hummell EBHO questionnaire
D4 Nayeli Maxson EBHO questionnaire
D4 Pam Harris EBHO Questionnaire

D6 Loren Taylor EBHO questionnaire
D6 Natasha Middleton EBHO questionnaire